Board Rules

Introduction & General Agreement

User Agreement for Posting
By posting a message on this site, you agree to abide by these rules and policies and to risk a temporary or permanent suspension of privileges to post for violating them. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for violations. Posts that attempt to get around a rule, or are suspected as such by board monitors, are also considered to be violations.

Forum Purpose & General Guidelines
The purpose of the LaxPower Forums is to provide a place for coaches, players, and fans to post information, share ideas, ask questions, and have discussions about the sport. For anyone who decides to post messages that are of a controversial in nature, and for those people who may reply in response to those posts, please show your respect for others who may have a difference in opinion by not using derogatory, belittling, and profane language when you post. It is our intent to both provide a reasonably free and open forum for all and to protect the real-world identity and privacy of those who wish to maintain online anonymity.

With these rules and guidelines, our intent is to reduce or eliminate abusive, inflammatory, obscene, libelous, illegal, and otherwise problematic posts and to enhance the experience for site visitors by maximizing amount of worthwhile material made available for viewing.

Forum Rules & Policies

Abusive or Obscene Language
Language that is abusive or obscene will result in editing of the message or removal of the post. If the message is flagrantly abusive, contains obscene language, or is otherwise blatantly unacceptable, the user may be also have posting privileges temporarily or permanently suspended.

Posts that contain or evidence the following types of content are specifically prohibited:
  1. Racism
  2. Hatred
  3. Harassment
  4. 'Adult' content
  5. Obscene material
  6. Nudity or pornography
  7. Material that infringes others' intellectual property or other proprietary rights
  8. Piracy, hacking, viruses, worms, or warez
  9. Commercial banner advertisements or revenue-generating links
  10. Any otherwise illegal content
  11. Links to, or images from, a site containing material outlined anywhere in these restrictions
  12. Any material deemed offensive or inappropriate by LaxPower, in its sole discretion, after you have been informed that LaxPower deems the material unacceptable. This might include posting of confidential information not released to the general public.

Flaming (Attacking) Other Users
Try not to personalize. Debate is certainly encouraged, but flaming (i.e., attacking someone personally) is not allowed. For example, saying "any idiot knows that isn't true" is flaming (because the person was just called an idiot), while saying "I passionately disagree" is not, even though it is rather emotionally charged.

Material from Other Web Sites
Assume that anything appearing on another web site is copyrighted (which is generally the case). As a rule, do not copy and paste/post this material. However, copyrighted information can be referenced with a summary, brief quoted excerpts, and/or links. Messages or parts of messages written by someone else should not be posted without permission of the original author unless you are "quoting" what they posted. In any case, messages that includes the work of others should be posted such that the author and his/her information can be identified.

A specific case of interest to many is the press release (or what appears to be one). Items such as a game story, an announcement of new coach's hiring, and the like appearing on a team web site must be treated as copyrighted material. You can handle them as described above. We will -- at our discretion -- post the stories on the home page news links or the forum if the school or team sends them to us, but you cannot. Why? We have no way of knowing that the press was released for use unless we receive it.

Sports Wagering/Gambling References
References to legal or illegal sports wagering are not permitted. The NCAA states that sports wagering has "the potential to undermine the integrity of sports contests and jeopardizes the welfare of student-athletes and the intercollegiate athletics community." All such references on the Forums will not be tolerated. They include, but are not limited to, printing, listing, linking, and/or creating of “point-spread” or “line” information or solicitation or acceptance of sports bets. Posts containing such items will be edited or deleted. Repeated violations will result in the banning of the offender from the Forums. Visitors, and especially student-athletes, are encouraged to read the NCAA's page on sports wagering, from which the quote above was taken. This page has many useful links and resources on the subject.

Advertising Products or Other Sites
Do not post commercial material on the Forum or use posts to advertise your or your friend's web site or product. This includes using your "signature" line as an ad. Particularly annoying are posts about a "great web site" that are made (with no acknowledgement, of course) by someone associated with that web site. Also do not post questions about a camp, clinic, tournament, etc. with which you are associated in the hope of generating free advertising for it. "Guerrilla marketing" is not permitted.

Management Decisions Are Final
This is our house. When you use these forums, you are the guest and we serve as host, and you are to act accordingly. Do not insult your host or you are toast. If there is a dispute between participants on the boards, the Forum administrators or moderators will arbitrate. In all cases, the administrators reserve the right to make the final call, and those decisions are not open to further discussion.

Protection of Privacy
No personal information about other people that could be considered private should be posted on the site without permission of the person whom the information is about. This will often apply to coaching job openings before they are announced publicly. People's e-mail addresses and telephone numbers should almost never be posted.

Your Legal Liability
There are laws, both civil and criminal, against certain forms of speech, if proved in court, such as libel, defamation of character, harassment, and threats. Accusations of this sort, however, are legal allegations that are best decided by a court of law; we do not arbitrarily make that determination. It is, of course, the prerogative of any poster who feels any laws have been violated to pursue legal action. Posters are responsible for what they post and should realize there may be potentially serious consequences for illegal behavior.

Guidelines & Good Practices

Stay on Topic
All of the forums (except the Water Cooler and the Member Lounge) are topic specific. Please post only on the appropriate forum. Off-topic items appearing on any of the forums may, without warning or explanation, be moved to a different forum, merged into a more appropriate thread, or simply deleted.

Exercise Good Judgment
Avoid posting what might be called private, personal information. Just because you know something doesn't mean you have the right to tell the world. Recognize that some information should be communicated only by the source or someone close to him/her/it.

Make Your Subject Line Clear
The subject line of a post, particularly one that starts a new thread (topic), should clearly reflect its content. This is extremely helpful to visitors browsing the forums. If you are asking a question in the post, there should be a question mark in the subject line. If the content of the message IS the subject line and the message is blank, add (nm) for "no message" at the end of subject.

Avoid Starting New Threads Unnecessarily
Do not start a new thread (i.e., a top-level post or new topic) when one on that subject already exists on first page of a forum. If, for example, people have posted scores and commentary about an upcoming game, don't jump the gun at the end of the game by starting a new topic that only reports the final score. When possible, try to reply to an existing post. Help maximize the content available to visitors by introducing new topics judiciously.

Do not Engage in Speculation
Speculating about what will happen with a coaching position or to a player who has gotten in some difficulty tends to be problematic, and moderators often remove such posts. If you have firm information from a published source, please supply a link. Note that an opinion, which itself may be mere speculation, expressed in a blog does not necessarily constitute a firm source.

Avoid Commercials for Yourself or Others
Avoid making disguised posts about yourself or your friends or your children, especially those promoting what a wonderful player you or they are. People see through these posts, and you generally end up looking rather foolish. Let the actions on the field speak for themselves.

Do not Post Job Openings
Do not post listings for coaching or other job openings. Those should be submitted on our Vacancy Listings page.

Heed Warnings from Moderators
Follow the rules. This is not a democracy, and, if you violate the approved use policy, your posts will be deleted. Serious or repeated violations of forum policy are even more likely to result temporary or permanent suspension of posting privileges. Actions taken by forum administrators, such as the removal of the post, should be taken as a warning even if an official warning is not issued.