What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

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What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby GuilderlandLax30 on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:32 am

This year my team is playing some very skillful teams out on the west coast. Several of these teams play very aggressive defense. Any suggestions on the type of offensive sets I should run? We are primarly a 1-3-2 offense with an occassional 1-4-1. I have run a 2-2-2 set in the past but it hasn't been very helpful considering I didn't have any great dodgers, this year I would feel comfortable saying I have at least two. Anyways I'm just trying to game plan for my for game in one month!! So what do you all think?
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby swlax on Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:45 pm

Have you considered running a circle? by opening up the field a bit you are extending the defense, which can make them play a little less agressively. This also nearly forces them to slide adjacent (assuming they are in man defense), which any decent dodger can make a feed to the now free offensive player.
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby greyhairlaxer on Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:34 am

V cut to get open and a lot of back door cuts, go 1 on 1 vs the shortys and cut everytime you pass
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby jralax11 on Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:26 pm

I like to run circle O, but I think a 2-2-2 is a good idea against pressure-D because it lengthens the slides. Circle forces the D to adjacent slide, making it tough to push out on the adjacents, so I agree with that advice, too.

In your circle, you could run two-triangle motion, and just keep the ball up top, basically out of the box, until you get one of the defenders to extend too far and just run around him to attack the goal/draw-n-dump.

The 2-2-2, however, allows you to play 2-man game up top, at X, or on the wings. Pick-n-roll is good stuff.

Perhaps more important than which set, however, is that you teach your offense to separate, keep spacing, and keep hips and eyes open to the field. Keeping "squared up" and separated from the D (using V-cuts and backdoor cuts to keep them honest) will be valuable in any offense against pressure.

I recommend 4v4 practice (or even some 4v5, and mix up the number of poles) to practice handling pressure. You can practice 4v4 with all four players above GLE, or two behind/two above (outside of 2-2-2), or 2 on crease/2 behind, or 2 crease/2 up top (endless combos ...).

I use 4-corner passing drill to practice V-cuts and backdoor cuts (for BD cuts, one corner roll dodges toward the next corner, who BD cuts across the middle of the square and passes to the line in front of him, who rolls to the next corner ...)
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby gadget on Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:37 am

I like everything that's been mentioned. An important thing against this kind of defense is understanding why they are doing this. Usually, it's because the coach feels his athletes are better than your athletes. He thinks by playing out like this, they can impose their will on your players. So the most important thing is to prepare your guys for this kind of speed and aggression in practice, as best you can. You can't let it take them by surprise during the game, in any way. Good drills involve pressing out on passes while ragging the feeder. Teach your guys to use picks and slip screens to effectively work against this kind of pressure.

Next, we've had success stressing ball control and long possessions against this kind of defense, at the onset of the game. 2-2-2 with your 2 weakest links inside is a good way to go. 1-3-2 if you have 5 good players of your first 6 also isn't that bad (I count from behind.) This will tire them out. Use picks, especially, to make it even harder--both up top and behind. The longer you have the ball, the more their guys are having to work. Gradually widen the set, the longer you have been having the ball. From here, a circle is a good way to go, especially if they continue to press out. Plus the slide will likely be in front of them (adjacent) in this situation, and it shouldn't be too hard of a pass.

A few years ago, we played a team that played this style of defense and lost to them twice during the regular season. We really played a pretty "straight up" offense against them the first two times. The third meeting was in the playoffs, and we broke out what I've outlined above. We scored 2 in the first period, and then opened up on them for 5 more in the second period. I would say the time of possession was likely something like 20-4 in our favor. Our guys came off the field at halftime laughing at how tired their defenders were. It gave them a big surge of confidence, and we won the game that mattered that year by a margin of almost double digits.

If nothing else, your defense will thank you for emphasizing this kind of approach. Good luck with your season. I hope this helps in some way.
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby laxlessons on Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:12 pm

I would run a circle or motion offense out of a 3-3. The circle offense Helps stretch out the defense for longer and more decisive slides. If you're going to go with a circle offense its important for the players to know that they are going into this offense to exploit the defense not to play into the hands of the defense. Too many times an aggressive defense intimidates the offense into not trying to go to the goal. Thats the single most important part of playing an aggressive defense. Have composure and beat your man. Make the defense Slide!

Motion offense simply because you're disrupting the defensive's slide package by constantly changing the "hot" man. A real good way to do this is to run both a pop and fade motion offense.
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby CoachV on Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:45 am

all good suggestions here- my 2 cents:

like previous coach suggested- PREPARE FOR IT in practice. a few things- in your 6v6 practice time, practice with a pressure defense- tell your defense to shut off adjacents, slide early, pressure the ball, all the time. Sub your defense often so they can stay fresh and maintain the pressure you are likely to see. We do alot of practicing with 9 (yes NINE) defenders on 6 offensive players. the extra 3 defenders are usually in alternate color pennies (i have 5 pink pennies which i get a kick out of putting them on my "tough guys"). the 3 extra defenders can be used for a variety of things- typically they don't take on ball defense or slide (we run our 6v6 pressure defense with the 6 guys during this, which is why the 3 are in diff pennies). their job is to disrupt the offense by shutting off players, sitting in passing lanes, taking up space in key dodging areas. etc. This really makes your offense move off ball to be effective.

of course- hammer on solid fundamentals- you are going to need great stick work (pass/catch) and you are going to have to be in shape. no laxpower advice can make up for a lack of either of those 2 things.

A few game day strategies then:
motion offense- i like 5 guys on the parameter so you can fill and give releases to the ball easily- we used to run a motion offense just to tire out the defense- works well in high school- rules are simple- once you pass the ball, you cut to the crease- the crease man fills the empty spot on the parameter (where the cutter came from or if the ball carries the crease fills that vacated spot). If you are being shut off (e.g. adjacent pressure) replace with the crease which opens up passing lanes and gives the ball a release. this constant motion (cutting filling on every pass and shut off creates such motion that most defenses wont have a slide ready when the dodge comes.

exchange- building on the 222 concept- a real simple thing you can do is exchange the crease man (the man who is being guarded by the hot defender) with the parameter player in front of the ball. for example, from top left you right hand alley dodge- as the dodge begins, exchange the crease and back left wing (he is the next player that you are dodging at in the 222). this puts the crease d in a tough decision mode- do i slide or stay with my man who is now going to the parameter, and what does the d do with the new guy coming to the crease- is that defender ready to assume slide responsibility as this is all happening during the dodge. you are either dodging vs no slide, a late slide, or you have a release for the ball on the former crease man who is cutting out and ready to catch the pass.

probably the best advice i can offer vs a pressure 6v6 defense if you are over matched is to attack before they can pressure- e.g. push transition offense and attack in the unsettled- typically little pressure and slides are limited or at least predictable. If you let them set up, establish slide packages and press out, now you are giving them an advantage (again- you need stick skills and conditioning to play up tempo transition)

good luck.

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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby Bagattawayhoo on Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:56 pm

In practice add a 7th defender to apply intense pressure or have all 6 defensive players play with long poles.
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby jralax11 on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:54 pm

Here's another idea I tried this summer. It worked quite well against a team that wanted to run high pressure.

Circle up, and get your guys to run a simple pick and backdoor cut sequence. It's simple: on guy picks for the ball, and the next guy backdoor cuts.

............B................... If C has the ball, B V-cuts into a pick for him, as C carries toward the middle.
A ......................C...... Seeing this, A backdoor cuts his man, who has to choose either to follow or slide.
................................ If A's man follows his cut, C may have a lane to the goal, or D's man may either slide
D..........@..........F....... or be too sloughed in to deny a good shot. If A's man slides, dump to A. Simple.

I would teach this by making sure your guys are effective pickers first, and then run it 3v3 from up top, behind, and on each wing. Finally, move to 6v6 and run it against shorties, then 6 poles. Your guys will have the confidence to take on pressure D.
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby Estwick on Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:03 am

When playing Denim Pine defense, you can disrupt the offensive play by stealing the ball, by interception of passes, by controlling the backboards, by fighting through screens, by forcing held balls,and by putting constant pressure on the offense.
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby Coach McD on Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:19 am

come up with some "sets" that are outside of the box (i.e. not traditional 2-2-2/2-3-1/1-3-2/3-3.
drill them in & be +100% at practice execution on them-making the plays fun will also add some solid morale.
bring them in to the game & confound the defenses. if teams film/scout you-then only put in 1 or 2 "new sets" per week or 2.

sure, it's smoke & mirrors & before long you'll be "figured out". but so long as you put a few biscuits in the basket early, then you're ahead of the game (pun intended).
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Re: What type of offense do you run against an aggressive defens

New postby Lilsmurf on Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:59 am

You could try running an open set (no crease) and just have your guys spread way out and iso. If the D is playing aggressive off ball, they won't be able to slide effectively, after a couple iso goals they'll soften up a bit and you can run your normal offense a little more effectively then.
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