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2019 Way to early rankings

2. Amherst
3. Wesleyan
4. Williams
5. Bates
6. Midd
7. Conn College
8. Bowdoin
9. Trinity
10. Colby
11. Hamilton
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New postby smoothcriminal on Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:50 am

Tough to not argue Amherst as being the 2019 NESCAC favorite.

Wolf/Minicus returning to run a scary offense that will constantly have the ball thanks to a 70% FOGO.

To dive a little deeper, the Mamouths return every single player who scored more than 20 pts last year- which is 9 guys and a total of 469 points.

Tufts returns 5 guys who tallied more than 20 pts, with a combined 310 points between them.
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New postby Nothing But Net on Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:46 am ... ens-top-10

2019 Pre-Season Ranks/Projections?

#1. Salisbury :think:
#2. Gettysburg
#3. RIT
#4. Tufts
#5. Wesleyan
#6. York
#7. Amherst
#8. Denison
#9. Cabrini
#10. Ohio Wesleyan

No disrespect to Salisbury.... hard to see a healthy Amherst Team not at #1 ,... they have everyone back and really the only way they lose is if they beat themselves

I have NESCAC pre-season:

#1 Amherst
#2 Tufts
#3 Wesleyan

Then it gets interesting
# 4 CT College (if defense stays as good as it is)
# 5 Middlebury ( a respect pick.... they could have it tougher than i think)
# 6 Bates
# 7 Colby,.... yes Colby
# 8 Trinity,... Just about everyone back and coach's second campaign will get them in

#9 Williams & 10 Bowdoin .... Just losing to much firepower & leadership
#11 Hamilton
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New postby joe2123 on Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:22 pm

Williams at 9? that is highly questionable they return everyone on offense except McFarland. Not to mention they return their goalie who is one of the better goalies in the nescac. This team was very young last year and they will more than likely be playing in the nescac championship weekend, yet again.
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New postby Nothing But Net on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:18 pm

My bad, you are correct McFarland really is the only lost on offense. :oops:

Your most likely correct that William will be a treat next year for sure......

I think its going to be interesting after the Top 3, you can make an argument for just about everyone.....
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New postby IDigClams on Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:29 am

Starting a new thread for 2019 season.

The last topic on the 2018 thread was about 2019 preseason NESCAC rankings and where Williams fits into the list. I glanced at the 2018 team stats on the NESCAC website and Williams was pretty much middle of the pack in most categories. So they should definitely be ranked higher than 9th. I'd say anywhere from 4-6 is reasonable. However, beware of assuming that "middle of the pack" teams who have lots of returning starters will somehow be better and finish higher in the standings the following season. Because most times a "middle of the pack" team is just that...a middle of the pack team because that's what their talent level dictates they are. It's rare that the same players from the season before get much better the next year. They may get a little better because they get a little bigger/stronger, have had more time playing with each other, more experience, etc. But the fact remains they are a middle of the pack team because they have middle of the pack talent. Teams like Tufts simply bring in freshman that have more talent than the returning Williams players and once again finish near the top of the league.

That said, I like it when different teams are in the hunt for the league title. To me, that's why Wesleyan's run the past couple years has been so refreshing. But Wes did it on the backs of top talent the past couple years. Williams and the other teams who finished in the middle of the pack need to upgrade talent to climb the league standings ladder. Simply having lots of returning players will not be enough.
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