25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

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25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby ev00rams on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:20 pm

The schedule for the 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout Sponsored By Brine is done.


Finalized and released on January 31st.
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2013 Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby Oaklandlax on Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:49 pm

Any body have any updates on games being played this weekend? :D
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby laxer4life15 on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:23 pm

Does anyone know exactly what happened to UC Davis? I heard rumors they were suspended for hazing but I have no idea how reliable that is.

Also scores:

Pitt: 10, CU 4
CSU: 21, Florida: 9
Michigan state lost to BYU I think
not sure about some of the others...
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby erictheweasel on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:50 pm

Any word on the UCLA V Michigan game? What about Pitt V BYU?
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby WWLL Laxfan on Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:25 am

Still not sure why even after all these years of this great weekend, that my beloved Gauchos can't find someone to post all final scores on here every two or three hours. With today's technology it shouldn't be that hard.... Just sayin... Some interesting results today. I certainly wonder how consistent these results will be over the course of the entire weekend, or is some of this first day jet lag and jitters. For now, Go Gauchos!!!! Ole, ole, ole, ole, gauchos, Gauchos!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby TK3 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:06 am

U of M 17 UCLA 6
Pitt 9 - BYU 11 heard Pitt had 4 goals taken away in that game. Not sure the reason where.
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby faacjb on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:15 pm

Westminster 16 Western Washington 6
Minnesota 11 Westminster 8
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby Oaklandlax on Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:45 pm

U of M 10 Cal Poly 6
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby Oaklandlax on Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:54 pm

U of M 8 Georgia 12
Pitt 15 ASU 8
Pitt 7 Santa Clara 8
MSU beat UCSD and Oregon

WCLL total wins losses at the tourney 6-5

U of M vs UCSB tomorrow LETS GO BLUE!!!!!
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby Oaklandlax on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:08 pm

What a come back!!!!! U of M 11 UCSB 10

Michigan finished 3-1
Pitt 2-2
MSU 2-2

WCLL 7-5
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby WWLL Laxfan on Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:07 pm

Well the 25th shootout is in the books, and while there was some surprise, most of it was as expected.

It looks like Georgia is a little more solid than year's past this year. From the looks of things in the SWLL, UCF is in a serious rebuilding year, so maybe it will be USC that steps up into the third slot behind the DAWGS and the Gatornation.
Not really too sure what to make of Gatornation as they got hammered by CSU, but then fought back with two solid wins vs. CU, and of course to the home team faves, my Gauchos!! The Dawgs are off to their best start in years with their biggest win being over the Maize and Blue. I see UGA having a legitimate claim to a top 3 ranking in the first poll.

From the RMWLL, it was mostly what I expected, although it's great to see CSU in late season form so early in the 2013 campaign. They normally show up to the Shootout with little to no outdoor practice time, and usually are good but not great. They creamed Gatornation and then had solid wins over my Gauchos, and a solid but still struggling Cal Poly. The Rams went 4-0 on the weekend including 3-0 vs. WWLL teams which is always tough to do. The CU/Pitt game was a big surprise to me, but this was the Buffs first time really getting to play, whereas Pitt has a nice indoor practice facility to get ready for weekends like this. They did rebound though to play Florida tough (who I don't know what to think of yet), and then beat a high scoring, high energy team from Austin in the Lady Longhorns. While this is a great tourney year in and year out, it's too bad that come May, so many teams fates are often sealed with this weekend's results. With Sara Tanabe to lead the way, the Buff's will stay solid again this year. BYU plays a tough 5 games in three days schedule as they don't play on Sunday's and actually comes out o.k. While they went 3-2, their loss to UCSB shouldn't hurt them too badly, but their UVA loss may. With UVA being the only MAWLL team to travel, it's always hard to see where they really fit in the bigger picture come tourney time. While I know their win over Cal Poly won't hold as much water as it should (since they are 1-5), I still see that as a solid win for the Cougars in the long run.

As for the WCLL- I really thought Big Blue would come and run the table this weekend. With CSU traditionally starting slowly here, and no UC Davis in attendance, I thought Michigan would glide right through, but I guess the Athens Assaulters had some different plans for Big Blue this weekend. Still a great weekend for MISHHHH though, and a solid 3-1 start. They now do not have a real challenge until they hit Boulder, CO in late March, and their win over my Gauchos will carry a great deal of weight all season long. Pitt is up to it's old tricks at 2-2. They played SCU and BYU tough but lost to both, and then went and beat the Buffs??? Well, o.k. they beat the Buffs first, but still, crazy triangle there for later rankings determinations come tournament time...

As for Texas I'm not sure what to make of them. They lost some serious talent to graduation, but are still obviously solid. They had a Huge crushing win over Santa Clara, and a respectable loss to the DAWGS who are proving to be for real, but then they lost to the Buffs, who lost to Pitt???? Such a crazy weekend as far as some of these head to head wins and losses. So I'll say Texas is top 10 good, but not sure if they are top 5 good at this point.Will Tully Morehead pick up where Clayton Crum left off??

Now for the WWLL :

Cal Poly is falling still. I really thought this was their year to come back, but the 1-5 record, and especially with a loss to USC says the Mustangs may not be quite back to championship form. They hung tight with a few great teams this weekend, (particularly CSU), but then seem to run out of gas in the second half of each game. Even with the likes of offensive threats like Emily De Simone, they are stumbling again.

UCLA: They have taken a HUGE drop off from last year. While they still have talent, they were hit extremely hard by graduation, and are feeling the growing pains of a rebuilding program. They were pretty beat up this weekend, so I'm interested to see how the Westwood Bruins will move forward from here. A coaching change did not help either as they really are rebuilding from the ground floor up this year. I see folks like Margaret Nettleton keeping things moving in a positive direction though.

USC: After a rough first game of the year, USC is on a 6-0 run culminating with an 8-4 win over the SLO Mustangs (no pun intended:) Well done Trojans!!! Maybe with the NCAA DI program on campus this year, the ladies of Troy are stepping it up. Big surprise from USC!!Erin McGillivray is outstanding and may help lead this team to playoffs and beyond??

Santa Clara: I'm not sure what is going on here. A solid win over Chico to start the season, then a tight one goal win over Pitt who beat CU, and an easy glide over ASU, but today, the wheels have fallen off the proverbial Bronco wagon. They were beaten convincingly by the Golden Gophers, and then really blown out by the Lady Longhorns by something like 12 goals. I do not recall seeing SCU ever lose that badly in all the years I've been around the WWLL. Will the great Maggie Burke be able to rally the troops from the WWLL North? I didn't recall SCU losing too much talent to graduation, so I'm curious what happened here. I also do not see UCSB on the Bronco's schedule? That's a pretty big WWLL contest to skip out on. This happened a few years ago with UCLA not being on the Broncos schedule??? It's odd to duck team's in your own league, especially as SCU has beaten my Gauchos the last few times they've played. I'll be interested to see how the Broncos season progresses.

UCSB: Now for my Gauchos, OLE, OLE OLE OLE, Gauchos, GAUCHOS!!!!!!!!! So while the Gauchos recored is a somewhat unimpressive 4-3 right now, they are stacked with talent, and ready to rock. Logistically it's a lot of work to run a tournament like this and with them not really traveling again this year, they certainly threw themselves to the wolves this weekend. We lost three games by a total of 4 goals including a game to #1 ranked CSU . I feel like based on this weekend's results, the lady Gauchos should cruise through the rest of the WWLL until UC Davis. With no SCU on their schedule?????, and UCLA looking like they are rebuilding, only Cal Poly should give them any sort of fight until the Aggies in April. According to the schedule however, we are slated to play the Lady Longhorns, and Lady Buffs in March at Western states. I see UCSB being right in the thick of things as usual, and will see them sitting around #5 or #6 when the first poll comes out.

UC Davis: I've saved Davis for last because I do not know what is going on in Aggieland. The defending WCLA National Champs have yet to play a game. Someone wrote a possible rumor as to why here on the boards, but I'm not one to speculate on uncorroborated sensationalism. Does anyone know why Davis did not play in the Shootout? They are the #2 ranked team in the pre season poll, and frankly as defending champs, I feel they should've been given the #1 slot personally. They did lose some big guns to graduation, but have a great deal of talent in Aggieland again this year. We shall see what happens in the coming weeks. Anyone with real insight feel free to PM me, and thanks to all of you that do as it really helps me with the information I collect.

So another shootout has come and gone. I hope everyone who traveled so far makes it home safely and soundly. The 2013 season is off to a great start!!!
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby Unionville on Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:17 pm

Great weather and great games. Very disappointed in the refs at the Pitt/BYU game-probably the single worst game of refereeing I've ever seen! If I stretched my imagination I could perhaps agree with 2 of the 4 goals called back. Really would have liked to see this game go to overtime as both teams were great--lets let the play on the field determine the winner not the refs.
I agree re the posting of scores as even being there, there is not even a written posting of the results to look at---there is too much going on there to even hope to get scores unless they post them somewhere(I'll even donate the Sharpie to write them down on the board!). I discovered word of mouth scores were often wrong
Of games I saw BYU, and Michigan look awful good as with Colo. State. I'd throw Pitt in the mix as caught the end of there Santa Clara game and they would have appeared to have tied the game yet a long ref. conference was needed to determine the clock had expired-- So the BYU and Santa Clara wins could easily have been up in the air
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby eastwestlaxfan on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:11 pm

Great recap WWLL Lax Fan!

However, in your recap of the RMWLL teams, you forgot to mention Westminster as they moved up to D1 this season. They went 3-1 at the SB Shootout with their only loss, 11-8 to Minnesota, a national tournament team from last year. This is a strong team that reached national semi-finals in D2 the past two years and should do well in D1 this season.

Keep up the good work as your posts are informative and welcome. We all know that the WCLA doesn't receive the recognition it deserves and this forum gives us fans a place to receive news on a regular basis!
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby mdiaz2 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:00 am

Thanks WWLL Laxfan for keeping us updated and providing an in depth summary of this year's shootout.

You are completely on the money as far the SWLL is concern the Dawgs are solid this year and will definitely and plan to be head to head with Gator Nation with USC in the third spot all season.
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby rams on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:47 am

Great recap! As a Ram Fan, I would say Florida, UCSB, and Poly are absolutely teams to watch this year. It may have not looked like it, but CSU had to work hard to stay ahead of Florida!!! They were an incredible team with great skills, the rams were just on fire (could have been the 75 degree weather, as they are used to playing in 10 degrees). I'll be anxious to see what happens with Florida.

UCSB always has incredible talent and skills, I'm not sure why they can never pull it out, but I could see this year being their year. Running a tournament is incredibly difficult and straining... let's see what happens with them.

Poly needs to keep developing as a cohesive team (their defense in particular), but if they can bring it together and learn to work together, they will be strong!!! Not to mention, they're already head strong and able to work hard when they desperately need more goals.
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby clublax11 on Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:09 am

One notable absence from the SB Shootout - US Lacrosse. First time in my memory there wasn't coverage of the event on Laxmag. Kind of surprising considering all the upheaval in the off season and criticism of their management of the league. Just saying....
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Re: 25th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout

New postby pezell49 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:02 pm

The last Lacrosse Magazine story on WCLA was Jan. 3. Not sure what is going on there.
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