Loving the new rule changes... how about you?

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Loving the new rule changes... how about you?

New postby SendtheDouble on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:49 pm

I'm normally pretty disappointed in rule changes, but I have to say that the new rule changes have made the game safer and flow better.

I love the new rule for possession on the draws, it has changed the draw from a dangerous scrum to an actual playable opportunity. In the games that I have seen at the HS and WCLA level it has taken a lot of whistles out of the draw, allowing the game to flow. It's also cut down on dangerous checks in the "pile" going for ground ball, and allows players to showcase their draw skills. I've been very impressed by the tactics coaches are now employing to take advantage of the new draw procedure.

I'm sure the defensive coaches hate it, but the new shooting space rules have really done a great job opening up the game. When with the old shooting space rules and 3 seconds was a minor foul teams would just eat the 3 seconds to pack it in which led to some low scoring almost soccerish scoring games. Having teams defend the whole CSA opens up the game while not penalizing defenses for playing great D. I hope the days of pack it in defense are over. I hope that the shooting space rules finds its way up to the NCAA level. I was watching the Georgetown vs Johns Hopkins women's game and it was really dangerous at times because the refs weren't calling shooting space. If the younger players see their heroes standing in shooting space or taking dangerous shots... It will have a negative effect on safety at the lower levels.

I will say this! Can we please get self starts in WCLA? Those are great! And can we please get the defenders back to being able to go through the crease.

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Re: Loving the new rule changes... how about you?

New postby TinaBaby on Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:02 am

Defenders can still be in the crease, that rule hasn't changed
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