WCLA Division 1 Poll - March 28

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WCLA Division 1 Poll - March 28

New postby DakotaDan on Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:06 am

WCLA Division 1 Poll - March 28

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Pittsburgh (8-1)W JMU 18-11, L Colorado State 13-14, W Notre Dame 19-7, W Penn State 14-715442
2UCLA (8-1)15331
3Santa Clara (7-2)14613
4tBrigham Young (5-0)1284
4tColorado State (5-3)L Penn State 5-6, W Pittsburgh 14-13, W JMU 10-8, W Notre Dame 19-51286
6Michigan Club (4-0)W Michigan State 18-7, W Purdue 1-0, W Ohio St. 15-131157
7Colorado Club (5-2)9910
8Virginia Tech Club (5-1)W Boston C. 14-11, W Georgia 9-8, W Florida 13-78617
9San Diego State Club (9-2)828t
10Georgia (6-3)L Boston C. 5-8, L Va. Tech 8-9, W Florida 15-7765
11Texas (7-1)W Texas A&M 14-12748t
12Cal Poly SLO (4-4)6711
13Boston College Club (3-1)L Va. Tech 11-14, W Florida 17-10, W Georgia 8-565NR
14Penn State Club (2-1)W Colorado State 6-5, W Notre Dame 16-10, L Pittsburgh 7-1460NR
15UNC Club (4-1)W West Chester 18-55413
16Central Florida (9-0)W Alabama 7-4, W Emory 22-7, W Mississippi 17-5, W South Carolina 9-65115
17JMU Club (3-3)L Pittsburgh 11-18, L Colorado State 8-10, W Notre Dame 14-123914
18Virginia Club (3-1)W Duke 13-12, W West Chester 13-53416
19Delaware Club (5-0)W West Chester 18-73312
20Ohio State Club (6-1)W Purdue 20-4, W Marquette 15-14, W West Virginia 17-7, L Michigan 13-152518
Others receiving votes: Duke Club (6), Western Washington (2), Rhode Island (1), Arizona (1), Arizona State Club (1)

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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - March 28

New postby identitycrisis on Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:01 am

There has been some very peculiar voting so far this year...this week highlighted by the fact that Santa Clara picks up a first place vote despite having lost to UCLA by 7 and neither team playing any major games since then. Something is not right... :think:

Also responding specifically to HurstLax's prediction of the polls in last week's forum...very interesting that Pitt picks up MORE first place votes and jumps UCLA for 1st. Especially given that Pitt only has ONE top 10 win (SCU by 1 in OT) while UCLA has 3 top 10 wins (SCU, SDSU, UGA). Granted Pitt's loss to CSU is "better" than UCLA's loss to Colorado - both were 1 goal losses by the host team. But my only explanation here is that UCLA is getting penalized for their quarter system schedule with finals and spring break off which is a shame. Pitt's regular season is done so it looks like league playoffs are particularly important for seeding.

Haven't sat down to keep track of the madness that happened in Colorado...but I think it's fair to say more confusion is coming this week.
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - March 28

New postby Nospinlax11 on Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:34 pm

Yes, I would say there will be some definite poll shake up after UGA just beat Colorado, Michigan and Colorado State all within a 24 hour time period.
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - March 28

New postby HurstLax 39 on Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:58 pm

Another tough weekend for the pollsters ...

Here is my top ten
Santa Clara
Colorado State
Penn State

I think the top 4 stays the same (could see Pitt and UCLA flipping again though since they were so close in points last week)
I think SDSU moves up to 5
VaTech will move up to 6 (personally I think this is an overrank but based on last week have to expect it)
Georgia moves up after 4 big wins
Michigan and Texas drop out and Colorado State and Colorado stay in the top 10 with Penn State coming in

Didn't have a ton of time to check all the scores for this week but theres my .02
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - March 28

New postby dominator on Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:47 pm


1) It's a challenge to rank the teams considering the circular nature in which Team A beats Team B who Beats Team C who beats Team A.

2) The parity is a good sign for the health of the WCLA. This year you may have 16 teams who legitimately can beat any team in the field on any given day if the draws and the breaks go their way. In the past, you probably had 6-8 teams who were better than all the rest.

3) It's a shame the pollsters know so little about the east coast teams. It's convenient to blame east coast teams for not traveling west. Those who really understand how a typical east coast club team operates (where long-time D1 programs exist) know that most clubs get only perfunctory support from their school's administration. These teams are student run. They have shoestring budgets and player coaches who don't have the wherewithal to navigate financial, scheduling, and travel logistics. So what we have is a system that repeats itself each year. Most east coast teams play within a 2-4 hour drive, stay in a budget hotel with 4 girls sharing a room, and play against their traditional opponents year after year. They play a high level of lacrosse, but they play in a vacuum outside the world where the WCLA "in crowd" plays their lacrosse. Invariably, the teams deserving of recognition get short shrift in the weekly polls.

4) Why don't you ever see west coast teams travel east to play (CSU notwithstanding)? I can't blame teams for not wanting to play in freezing cold weather in February or March - but you see it all the time in D1. More cross-sectional competition would enhance the validity of the polls and seedings at Nationals. The current polling system understandably has a bias against the teams that compete regionally. Maybe every other year teams from the left coast with budgets take a trip to UVA or UMD and make things interesting?

5) Finally, I appreciate that the WCLA is trying to standardize the administration of the game. Club lacrosse is a wonderful vehicle to keep these girls playing and forging friendships. Identitycrisis posted the responsibilities each team has as a requirement of WCLA membership. One only needs to surf the team pages to see most east coast teams are falling short. Half the east coast team pages are incomplete or have last year's info. Only Virginia Tech posts stats. I challenge the MAWLL regional chair in particular to take a look in the mirror and take immediate responsibility to educate the MAWLL player coaches to meet their 6 areas of responsibility so they are eligible for recognition at Nationals. If no one takes action now, it's going to be the same drill - less than 5% of AAs will come from the east. You see it every year at Nationals, and there's no excuse for it. Take your volunteer responsibility seriously, and serve these deserving young women accordingly.
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