WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

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WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

New postby DakotaDan on Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:34 am

WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Pittsburgh (14-1)W Michigan State 19-8, W Northwestern 18-6, W Michigan 13-1215661
2UCLA (11-1)W Cal Poly SLO 12-1115422
3Santa Clara (9-2)W UCSB 8-51363
4Colorado State (12-4)W Colorado 20-12, W BYU 12-111306
5Georgia (13-3)W Clemson 14-7, W Florida 17-2, W Central Florida 11-31265
6tBoston College Club (13-1)W Northeastern 11-3, W UConn 12-111197
6tBrigham Young (9-1)W Air Force 21-0, L Colorado State 11-121194
8Virginia Tech Club (8-2)1098
9Michigan Club (9-4)W Indiana 20-7, W Ohio St. 17-13, L Pittsburgh 12-13889
10Virginia Club (10-2)7911
11Cal Poly SLO (6-5)L UCLA 11-127512
12Delaware Club (7-2)7414
13Colorado Club (9-5)L Colorado State 12-207310
14UNC Club (8-2)W Duke 15-86115
15San Diego State Club (9-3)5113
16Central Florida (12-1)W Florida State 22-12, W South Carolina 11-3, L Georgia 3-113616
17Texas (10-4)2718
18JMU Club (5-6)1819t
19Ohio State Club (12-3)W Miami (OH) 17-3, L Michigan 13-171419t
20Penn State Club (9-3)1217
Others receiving votes: Texas A&M (10), Duke Club (5), Western Washington (5), UConn Club (3)

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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

New postby mawlllax17 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:06 am

If this poll was unbiased, both Virginia and UNC would be ranked above VT. Sure, VT beat UGA and BC, but with the level of play within MAWLL I'm sure UVA/UNC would have beaten them too, had they had the chance to play. I thought the point of a coaches poll was to actually look deeper into each team and not just factor in "lax power scores." Someone help me understand this...
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

New postby wsalzman on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:43 am

Did something happen with scheduling with the MAWLL regional tournament? I'm seeing VT showing up on the games to play lists for that tournament on this site, but I thought that they were eliminated from that by UNC during the regular season. It appears from the games on this site that them MAWLL tournament will be 3 Chesapeake teams and 1 DelMarVa team. Surely that can't be correct.
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

New postby mawlllax17 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:44 am

Yep, PSU declined their bid (hmm, pattern?) so VT is taking their place.

First round games are UD vs UNC and UVA vs VT
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

New postby jenjperry11 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:26 pm

I completely understand the confusion when seeing that three teams from the Chesapeake region will be attending MAWLL's playoffs and only one team from the Delmarva region. As it states in our bylaws, the top two teams from each region get a bid to our Regional tournament. Penn State and Delaware both got bids and Penn State declined their bid. Delaware then moved up to the #1 seed in the Delmarva Region but we decided as an executive committee that because of the strength of our Division 1 teams that it would be more logical to then allow for the next highest ranked team in the division to receive the bid to the regional tournament. It will only make our regional tournament and league stronger. It also allows the teams to play in our playoffs that have a very good shot at getting a bid to the National tournament as well. We have decided to do this with both divisions because we also have many strong Division 2 teams, which is why we originally also have a wild card pick. Rutgers declined their bid so their bid went to High Point. As an executive committee we feel it is very deserving.
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

New postby HurstLax 39 on Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:32 am

jenjperry - I think that is a great idea and am glad that the MAWLL exec team went with it. Definitely makes more sense to give VaTech the shot to get a shot at redemption

mawlllax - no-one ever claimed that the poll is unbiased. by definition a poll is a collection of opinions to use for analysis. By having a representative from each conference the WCLA has tried to reduce some of the regional bias but no poll is perfect. I would also caution the transitive thinking that you use to say that UNC or Virginia would have beaten Georgia and BC if given the chance. 1) These are college athletes aged 18-22 and if we know anything about people that age it is that they are not the most consistent of humans. These athletes have a lot going on in their lives and so emotions and outside factors can and do often play a large part in final results. 2) You need look no farther than your own MAWLL conference to know that the transitive property doesn't work. The weekend of 4/8-9 UNC loses to Virginia, Virginia loses to Delaware, Delaware loses to Penn State, Penn State loses to VaTech, Va Tech loses to Virginia. The parity within the MAWLL is a great thing for the competition of the conference but without them traveling and getting in more games against outside teams for pollsters to put them into the national picture their national rankings suffer. Its not an easy situation to figure out. Would it be awesome if more west coast teams would come east to play? Absolutely. But nobody wants to come east in the early season and deal with cold and its much harder for teams to travel later in the season because of school and classes and all those things.

Yes its an imperfect system but at the end of the day you fight to get to Nationals and then hope that your team is peaking at the right time to make a run. When BC made their run to the finals in 2014 they came in as a #15 or 16 seed!! Come the weekend of nationals its anybodies game so I wouldn't worry too much about the polls. Its about getting a ticket and then seeing who steps up.
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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - April 18

New postby Nospinlax11 on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:38 pm

Hurstlax39 has it right.
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