Div 1 Poll for Week of March 5

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Div 1 Poll for Week of March 5

New postby Laxword on Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:37 pm

1. Michigan Club 155
2. Georgia 144
3. Brigham Young 126
4. Pittsburgh 119
4. Delaware Club 119
6. Colorado Club 118
7. UCLA 114
8. Cal Poly SLO 99
9. Colorado State 97
10. Virginia Club 96
11. UNC Club 75
12. Virginia Tech Club 65
13. Duke Club 63
13. Central Florida 63
15. Boston College Club 50
16. Ohio State Club 42
17. Clemson 30
18. Santa Clara 20
19. St. Mary's (CA) 12
20. San Diego State Club 9
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Re: Div 1 Poll for Week of March 5

New postby HurstLax 39 on Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:27 am

Don't really expect much movement out of the poll this week.

UCLA and Cal POly should switch spots but I wouldn't expect voters to put Colorado State above UCLA.
I think somebody said it elsewhere but UNC should/could probably be higher but if the voters didn't move them up earlier I can't imagine them moving after a week of being idle. They will have to wait until they get their shot against Georgia on the 24th or the weekend of April 7th when they've got a bunch of games against ranked teams.

Clemson's loss to Kennesaw could drop them some and St. Mary's loss to Cal could bump them back out of the top 20 but those last few spots are hard to determine.

A few interesting games next weekend but with all the Spring Break overlap I don't expect any major changes until maybe the weekend of the 24th. Will be interesting to see if Penn State jumps into the poll after their first games of the season this weekend tho.
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