Delaware - bad sportsmanship

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Delaware - bad sportsmanship

New postby mawlllax17 on Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:46 am

Hello coaches, players, families...

If you attended the WCLA tournament in Salt Lake City last May, you are already familiar with this issue. The Delaware club women's lacrosse team does not seem to value sportsmanship at all what so ever. Although I respect their drive to win, it's a shame that they feel they need to supplement their high level of skill with pushing, tripping, hitting, and verbally degrading other players. I've seen them do this in both close games and games where they're up by 6-8 goals. Their captains/president this year seem to not only join in on such violence and disrespect, but encourage it.

I was disheartened to see them walk away with the national title last year - they are a highly skilled, cohesive team that can do great things, but it is not right for them to be injuring and demeaning other teams in the process.

So coaches - be on the lookout for their dirty moves and give your refs a heads up that they've been known to be violent and commit many off ball fouls. Players - take a breath and keep playing YOUR game, never play down to the level of a team that resorts to such pitiful measures to secure their victories. Let's keep women's lacrosse a growing sport that encourages young women to be strong, independent, and supportive, and let's always strive to build each other up.
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Re: Delaware - bad sportsmanship

New postby phatlax on Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:38 pm

Great point...along with that, let's strive to not be whiners and sore losers either.
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Re: Delaware - bad sportsmanship

New postby mawlllax on Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:59 am

I sent this post to the team wondering what their response would be and they were very shocked and confused by what was said about them. The Delaware club lacrosse team is very proud of how they conduct themselves both on and off the field and were even recognized for their sportsmanship by receiving the WCLA sportsmanship award in 2016. I am sorry if the experience you had with the Delaware team wasn't the greatest but I can't imagine it would be bad enough to smear an entire organization. As someone who follows DLC I can personally account for their sportsmanship and I have never seen or heard a player act in a way that could be deemed as unsportsmanlike and I have never once seen the behavior that you explicitly wrote about after my years of following the team.
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Re: Delaware - bad sportsmanship

New postby bluehenlax1 on Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:04 pm

I have a few words to describe this post: confusing… shocking… and wrong. I’m a Delaware parent and I had to make an account just to reply to this - refuse to let false accusations like this float around. Only a small number of Delaware parents even read these forums so I will stand up for this team. After passing this post along through the club, the girls are offended to say the least. These accusations are not only false but flat out insulting. I’ve never seen someone specifically single out an entire club lacrosse program on the WCLA forum. A bit inappropriate to generalize the fact your daughter’s team may not like Delaware to be making statements such as, “So coaches - be on the lookout for their dirty moves and give your refs a heads up. . .” Sure, do that. But as any opponent who plays DLC will see, there is no reason to do so.

“If you attended the WCLA tournament in Salt Lake City last May, you are already familiar with this issue.” —> already familiar with this issue? What issue? There have never been instances of intentional pushing, tripping, hitting, etc. Not a single girl on that team would do such a thing on purpose. I have seen this team play every game for the past three years. It sounds like you simply have it out for Delaware.

The only MAWLL teams Delaware has played this year so far are UNC and West Chester, so I can only imagine which team out of the two actually took the time to write this post. Delaware Lacrosse Club respects every single program in the WCLA and we’re playing lacrosse for FUN. Delaware and UNC have a great rivalry. I was at the Delaware-UNC game at Duke University and saw nothing of this sort, nor did I hear anything. I must point out that girls on other teams have made comments to Delaware players on the field, but you don’t see anyone writing an entire post about how horrible the team’s sportsmanship is. Your post was totally inappropriate.
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