Div 1 Poll for Week of March 19

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Div 1 Poll for Week of March 19

New postby Laxword on Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:46 pm

1. Michigan Club 160
2. Georgia 144
3. Colorado Club 137
4. Brigham Young 13
5. Cal Poly SLO 117
5. Delaware Club 117
7. Pittsburgh 115
8. UCLA 96
9. Virginia Club 93
10. Colorado State 87
11. UNC Club 83
12. Central Florida 67
13. Virginia Tech Club 66
14. Duke Club 61
15. Ohio State Club 43
16. Boston College Club 42
17. St. Mary's (CA) 38
18. San Diego State Club 19
19. Santa Clara 14
20. Clemson 13
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Re: Div 1 Poll for Week of March 19

New postby HurstLax 39 on Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:37 pm

Big weekend of games! What is everybody most excited for?

Tonight Pitt vs Penn State - Pretty solid rivalry game and since Penn State's first game was a forfeit win will be nice to see them in action. In year's past they have entered the top 20 poll after this weekend at the Pitt Invitational ... will it happen again?

Saturday -
Boston College vs Notre Dame - If this was Football season this would be a sold out battle of two Catholic Schools, Can Notre Dame get a big out of conference win and get themselves in the top 20?

Virginia vs Duke, Duke vs JMU, etc. - The MAWLL Chesepeake is usually a slug fest with all these teams beating up on each other, will this year be the same or will one be able to come out of this weekend as the top dog? Pretty much all the MAWLL games this weekend should be interesting to watch.

Georgia vs UNC - Does Georgia have a chip on their shoulder after losing their one first place vote? Can UNC step up against the #2 team and prove they should be in the top 10? Wish I could be at this one!!

Michigan vs Ohio State - another classic football rivalry being battled out in Women's lacrosse, could this game be played in the Big House or the Horshshoe one day?!?! Will be nice to see Michigan back in action but I'd expect a Wolverine win

Sunday -
More MAWLL action should be close games and have some serious implications for who might make it to Nationals. VaTech looks like they have a busy Sunday ahead of themselves!! unless it is a mistake that they have 3 games listed ... hope nobody has any exams on Monday

Anything else that people are excited to watch?
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