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New postby holmes435 on Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:39 pm

Wow, 1-11 after a three goal loss to SSU today, don't think they've been under .500 in at least the past 15 years, not sure before then. A few close games here and there to some ranked teams, but some bad losses and it's just snowballing, and it looks like they'll end up probably 3-12 if not worse. Anyone have an idea of what's going on out there?
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Re: UCSB 2015

New postby Ravaging Beast on Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:21 pm

They lost a lot of players from the previous season. Most graduated, but there are also a few that traveled abroad or quit for academics reasons or other interests. So there have only been about 4-5 players that had considerable playing time. Of those 4-5 players, many have missed considerable time for various injuries (concussions, broken bones, nagging injuries, etc). So it has seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong until they finally secured a playoff spot this weekend with a win over UNLV. All of the starters will be back next season except for one, so I expect this to be a minor hiccup in what has been a very successful program over the decades.
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