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LSN - Lax Sports Network

New postby petrosscowl on Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:32 am

Anyone have any experience with LSN, and what games they stream? Would it be worth it for the upcoming season? I can do without the analysis from the talking heads, but if they have a compelling slate of DI/DIII games lined up, it may be worth it.
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Re: LSN - Lax Sports Network

New postby Backstreets on Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:34 pm

They have about 15-20 games on schedule for each of March and April (just a few of these are women's games). Pretty good mix of major conferences, although I don't see any Hop games, which I'm guessing may be of interest to you. They archive all the games so you can see them later. The interface is pretty good too. They also have a bunch of archived games from MLL to HS dating back a few years for the college and HS games and some going back to the early days of the MLL.

I started subscribing in the fall because I was desperate to see some lax, and I'll probably keep it through the season, but without it I already have access to more games than I can watch as it is with all the games on ESPN3. So it may be of most value to you in the offseason if you want to watch a game every once in a while. But they do have pretty nice recap videos at the end of each weekend, which is pretty cool. Not a bad value for $7.99 or whatever they charge per month.
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