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Quick Question

New postby Mr. Veritas on Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:35 am

Mr. V here.

I am doing some research, and I am wondering if anyone can help, especially those who have experience.

If a young boy or girl were to start lax early, play in town and for club teams, do summer stuff and all that, and tournaments, what would be the expenditure through his or her senior year?

Please add money spent on hotels, food, gas, equipment, and other.


Mr. V
Mr. Veritas
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Re: Quick Question

New postby shorething on Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:32 am

Too many factors to give a straight answer.
- What age are you starting at? (approx $180 per year for county Rec)
- Club team costs vary widely. You probably need to come up with that based on club costs near you. Club cost usually includes the tournaments they will play in over the year they are with the club. Keep in mind that costs go up significantly at the high school level for prospect tournament play. ($1700 youth/$2200 HS)
- Individual Show Cases?
- College Prospect Camps/Clinics?
- are you including having professional video shot during tournaments? $300+ per tournament that can be divided up across a team but doesnt necessarily catch all of your players action.
- Hudl Account?
- CaptainU and other services?
- Hotel ($120 per night average?)
- $300 per season on equipment, not including the initial outlay.

This is making me depressed, I need to stop now..... :?
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Re: Quick Question

New postby RYU on Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:46 pm

I saw a post recently that claimed it cost $10K/yr for his/her child to play lax and implied that was the norm, not the exception. :roll:

Edited to add: http://network.laxpower.com/laxforum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=61092&p=1481119#p1476231
dealwithit wrote:I think the MLL is struggling. At best, they are doing just okay. I would not say they are successful by any measure. One of the factors why lacrosse in general will not be successful in the youth and HS years is because of the incredible high cost to play. How many families can pay $10,000 a year for their kids to learn and play this sport? The lacrosse bills start coming in around 5th or 6th grade and go all the way through HS. Do the math, it is LOT of money. Only the wealthy can play this sport in this day and age. And that is only a small part of the population. That means the competition level will be low or just "okay" because of the relatively low turn out in players taking up the sport.
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Re: Quick Question

New postby HBHB on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:27 pm

Did this with two children.

COST = Four years of travel ball @ $2,000/year plus two years of prospect camps @ (12 camps/clinics x ($350 registration + $250 travel) = $15,200. Add $300 cost of SAT/ACT study guides and multiple test taking. Total is $16,000.

EARNED = Lacrosse got child into college that meets full financial need (tuition free!)

ROI is investment/cost. If child did not get into a college that met full financial need, then child would go to Big State U (no fin aid there!) and the 4-year tuition would total $48,000. ROI = $48,000/$16,000 x 100% = 300%.

Intangibles -- Child and I had had fun traveling. A Harley would cost $50,000. Country Club membership for two years would be $50,000. Attending D3 games/tailgates is a pleasant hobby. Begged my wife to adopt so i could do this again...guess I'll have to wait for grand kids. Child spends more time on D3 ball field than in Big State U frat house.

Bottom Line: Buyer beware. I got a good deal.
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Re: Quick Question

New postby dealwithit on Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:06 am

Travel teams in our area go for $2500 to $4000 (the norm) per year. That does not include air fare, hotels, rental cars, and food for the weekend tournaments you have to fly to. Several of these are out of town or state tournaments, plus out of town or state showcases, all-star teams, etc. etc. Do that for 4 to 6 years.

Maybe a kid is on two travel teams. I know people that are on more than 1. The costs are huge. When you add it up, it comes up to around $50,000 to $100,000. Just chasing a dream. Letting your ego run away with your wallet.

Now if you are in NY, DC or Maryland, then the travel costs won't be so much because the big events are within 1 or 2 hr drives. No sweat. But how about everyone else?

It is totally out of control. But people do spend that amount because they have the big wallets and bank accounts to do it -- more power to them. But what do you think that does to the game -- grow it?? Or grow the bank accounts of the travel team owners and tournament owners (who are sometimes the same people)?

No doubt some families do get more out of it than what they put into it, in terms of money. But that is the exception, not the rule. I did the travel thing, and frankly, the money could have been better spent on a family vacation, nice dinners, cruises, nice 75 inch flatscreen, Disney World, college fund, savings account, etc., rather than watching 5 mediocre lax games over the weekend.

There are great players out there who want and need to travel to play with and against other great players and teams. Maybe the cost is justified. But for the other 95% of the players, they don't need to pay that kind of money to play lacrosse.

I know more players who went to play college lax but later dropped out for a variety of reasons, than the number that stuck it through for 4 years. And I know a number of kids that didn't have the grades to go play college lacrosse. Maybe their priorities were not right. But at all the showcases and "experts" I ever heard talk about college lacrosse, they all said "get your grades in order" because "no grades, no play".
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Re: Quick Question

New postby birtclp on Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:03 pm

You'd be surprised at how many of the top 100 players (upper D1) don't pay or pay discounted rates to play travel ball.

A full ride in lacrosse is extremely rare, so don't go into travel ball thinking you will save any money. Odds are your net cost will be more than if your kids don't play. So first thing to do is to cross "save money on college" off of your list of reasons to play travel ball.

Play travel lacrosse first and foremost because the kid(s) want to do it and enjoy doing it (time is just as heavy an investment as money), and do it only if you can afford it (sounds like common sense, until you go to a tourney and talk to some of the parents and kids).

If there is a strong rec program in your area start there before going to travel lacrosse. Make sure kids love the sport and are good enough to justify the cost of travel. Contrary to what many travel coaches tell you, travel lacrosse does not make great lacrosse players, but many great lacrosse players play travel lacrosse (chicken and egg thing). One of the unfortunate and unintended consequences of the rise of travel teams is the slow decline of rec ball (for all sports, not just lacrosse). In a perfect world travel ball would not start until 12 and up, and before that kids would play rec ball...but this is no perfect world.

Travel ball can be great fun and on a good team with quality coaches your kids can learn the sport, but if it's just about improving skills and upping chances of playing college ball you might find that hiring a personal coach and playing in select events is a better use of your time and money.

No right or wrong answer, just don't expect miracles from travel ball, the kids should play for fun first.
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Re: Quick Question

New postby 18bubbalax on Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:06 am

I'm sure the Top D1 players pay less or nothing for travel lacrosse. They're advertising. The concern for many of these top players, is burnout. I've seen juniors (D1 recruits) in high school that just don't seem to be invested in the game anymore. Superstar status isn't for everybody. When the get to the top D1 school, everybody on the team was a Superstar somewhere.
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Re: Quick Question

New postby MDL7 on Sun May 14, 2017 9:44 am

First off, I need to start this by making the stipulation that it is not only monetary cost that needs to be considered.
Disclosure: We are not in the income bracket that can say that we have the disposable coming out of our ashes.
Recently, I have read so many articles about the cost of entry into lacrosse and the cost for travel lacrosse and the ROI from it all. We live in a hotbed area and therefore - the cost of starting up in a rec program years ago was very low - equipment from a retailer that sold lightly used sticks was moderate. We tried multiple team sports with my older daughter, lacrosse was one of them that she took a liking to. And as she grew up and progressed along and her game grew - club lacrosse was unavoidable. Back then - club's earliest ages were fifth graders - which I thought was crazy. Little did I know - but, that is another rant for another day.
After our first summer travelling up and down the Turnpike and I95 - I realized that there was more to it than just the monetary cost and the time invested. To me - I was seeing the alternative costs that we did not have to pay. And as my older one grew and the younger one followed in her sister's footsteps - through middle school and high school. I'm seeing that the alternative costs in my eyes would have been much higher. Right now - the older one is well into the college recruiting process and has grown up to be a very socially adept teenager - who has embraced the team environment instead of the drama driven environs common in the middle school and high school female mentality. She has not found the need for codependent relationships since she is independently strong and confident in herself. She considers classroom challenges in her upper level classes just another challenge that she has to overcome just like the run tests or beep tests. To her, losing or not succeeding is a way to reveal what to work on for the next time.
And if you required me to pay twice the price I would gladly do it just to be able to have those moments bonding as we sit in turnpike traffic or as we try to find some hole in the wall we saw featured on some food show. As far as rate of return goes - I don't care about the pittance that athletic money gives - as an overall person and woman she is becoming - we are making out better than Buffett.
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Re: Quick Question

New postby Mr. Veritas on Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:23 am

"we are making out better than Buffett"

Mr. Veritas
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