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Recruits as SSDM

New postby catonsville_lax on Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:34 am

Curious, what do people think about kids getting recruited strictly as a ssdm? Seems like the SSDMs are finally getting a little love with notable players like Will Haus and Jack Near being such big contributors. Does this become another specialized/recruit-able position? In the past, most college coaches just converted athletic o-middies to d-middies until they were ready to make the transition to O. I've noticed a trend in some of the local high schools where HS coaches are pitching kids to recruiters as d-mids that can play offense, instead of the other way around. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just an outlier or two. I'm a huge fan of the ssdm, and think they are the unsung heroes of most teams, so would love to see them get the recognition they deserve.
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Re: Recruits as SSDM

New postby lionlaxfan on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:14 am

It is funny that you bring this up as I have been looking at this myself. My son isn't on varsity yet, but I think he is being groomed to play SSDM exclusively at our high school. I wasn't too happy with it initially as I feel he may grow into a better O middle as he matures. I saw the recent article in Inside Lacrosse on the players you mentioned and I was kinda intrigued to see if schools recruit SSDM. I looked at about 18 lower D-1 schools and found only Mt.St.Mary's and Monmouth had a position box to check on their recruit questionnaire. Of the five D-2 schools I checked, only new program Alabama-Huntsville listed it. The surprise was the D-3 schools. Twelve of the 25 D-3 schools listed SSDM along with MIDDIE and LSM as recruit able positions. So maybe it isn't such a bad thing.
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