Dowling - Symptom of the Student Loan bubble?

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Dowling - Symptom of the Student Loan bubble?

New postby sectVlax on Wed Jun 01, 2016 4:27 pm

Don't know specifics about Dowling's exact financial situation other than what I've read online. It seems they were over-extended in debt and the enrollment did not materialize - or maybe it was financial mismanagement. Articles are quoted as "the latest in a series" but only provide 1 other example- Burlington - as recently going under. Survival of the fittest I suppose but how many campus's have you been on in the past 10 years that didn't have a crane in the skyline, major renovations or construction, and huge plans for new facilities. Athletic facilities many times has been leading the charge. It's felt like an arms race chasing the $50K/student.

With the sky-rocketing tuition, and many people questioning the value proposition of paying these prices, is Dowling an early symptom of a bubble burst. Are people seeking other avenues - like Will Hunting - $2.50 in overdue library fines? Is it time to SELL! SELL! ??

Corollary - what is the average university recruitment budget vs their career placement budget? A local private school here in Rochester, NY recently had an article in the local business journal about opening up a recruitment office in Manhattan. Can't imagine that cost, and as a fraction of their overall budget! Versus the 6 schools of higher learning my 3 have graduated from -they *may* have gotten some resume help but other than that no other support from the career placement offices.
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