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New postby DakotaDan on Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:28 pm

If you have forgotten your password, please follow these steps.

1. Use the Login link (pictured below) towards the upper right and beneath the ads.

2. On the next page, there is a "I forgot my password" link. After clicking on it, you'll need to supply your user name and the e-mail address associated with the account.

3. The Forum software will send a new password to your e-mail address. Do check your spam/junk folders, as these messages sometimes end up there.

4. When logging on with the temporary password, we recommend that you carefully copy (being careful not to grab a trailing space) and paste it. Why? The password is case-sensitive, and it is easy to confuse O (oh) with 0 (zero) and one (1) with el (l) in the monospace font that the e-mail is in.

5. After logging on successfully, head to the User Control Panel (link towards the upper left). You can then change the password to whatever you like in the location pictured below.

6. If you still have problems (or perhaps have an old e-mail address associated with the account), send a note with the user name and the account e-mail address to admin @ laxpower dot com
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