WCLA Division 1 Poll - February 28

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WCLA Division 1 Poll - February 28

New postby DakotaDan on Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:54 am

WCLA Division 1 Poll - February 28

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1st 
1UCLA (6-0)1608 
2Georgia (5-1)W South Carolina Club 12-8131 
3Pittsburgh (4-0)W Ohio Club 19-8, W Buffalo 18-5, W West Virginia 18-5127 
4Santa Clara (5-1)W Cal Poly SLO 11-6120 
5Colorado State (2-1)113 
6Texas (6-1)112 
7San Diego State Club (6-1)W UCSB 12-6106 
8tMichigan Club (1-0)90 
8tJMU Club (2-0)W UNC Club 12-11, W Alabama 13-490 
10Cal Poly SLO (2-4)L Santa Clara 6-11, W California Club 12-586 
11UNC Club (3-1)W Duke Club 12-10, L JMU Club 11-12, W Alabama 20-9, W Va. Tech Club 8-577 
12Central Florida (5-0)W Florida State 17-6, W Georgia Tech 21-474 
13Brigham Young (3-0)67 
14tVirginia Club (1-1)47 
14tArizona State Club (3-1)47 
16Colorado Club (1-1)45 
17Virginia Tech Club (2-1)W Alabama 8-3, W Duke Club 14-13, L UNC Club 5-843 
18Michigan State (6-1)W Louisville Club 21-4, W Kentucky 14-5, W Purdue 20-835 
19Duke Club (1-2)L UNC Club 10-12, L Va. Tech Club 13-1427 
20Washington Club (4-0)25 
Others receiving votes: Minnesota (18), Oregon Club (6), Towson Club (5), Kennesaw State Club (5), Mississippi (5), Arizona (4), San Diego (4), Oregon State (4), UC Davis Club (3), Western Washington (2), Clemson (1), UC Santa Barbara (1)

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Re: WCLA Division 1 Poll - February 28

New postby SendtheDouble on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:57 pm

I do not envy the pollsters this week!
Some close games out on the west coast, some teams are off for almost a month before their next game, some teams seasons are almost over while some are just getting started. How does a team slide down because they had a break in their schedule, how does a team break into the top 20 while only having played 1 or 2 games because their season starts later due to cold weather. The next few weeks will be interesting as spring breaks play havoc with teams schedules.
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