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New postby thatsmell on Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:57 am

Skip was a great guy! Intense is an understatement. Definately passionate for the game and a ton of knowledge! He was an asset to the Loyola program. He did equipment for the US team for quite a few years too. He regularly talked to the players and imparted his knowledge/outlook/expereince on them. I think it's one of the reasons they those teams had a blue-collar no b.s. attitude. While at Loyola, on quite a few occasions, referees used to warn Cottle, and kindly ask him to get Skip to settle down and stop yelling at them!


His son David was also a fun one to watch at Brown. A heckuva player!
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Re: Wroxeter-on-the-Severn in Annapolis, MD

New postby exlaxer58 on Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:28 pm

Great thread.

I played for Curley in the mid seventies. Every year we would go to the St. Mary's tournament. St. Mary's played Curley in the first round and they always gave Wroxeter a tough game hoping not to get beaten in their own tournament. In 74 I think Curley only lost to St. Mary's by 1, so in 75 we got Wroxeter.

I remember Buddy Remenamp as a great middie who I think played at UMBC.

They were a hell of a program back then. Great memories.
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Re: Wroxeter-on-the-Severn in Annapolis, MD

New postby Gunny8man on Mon May 06, 2013 12:22 am

My name is Neal, a 1974 graduate of Wroxeter-on-Severn Country Day School (the schools official name) of ARNOLD, MD (not Annapolis) I, like many of the other young men, was on scholarship to play football in the fall and lacrosse in the spring. No one received a strictly one sport scholarship. The school had been all girls for many years and like Severn School, and many others at the time, was going co-ed to bolster enrollment.
Anyone who remembers those days, if you lived in Arnold, as we did, you still went to Severna Park High School. At the time Severna Park was on double sessions (one session from 6:45 until 11:15, and the other from noon until 4:30- or there about) The talk was that Severna Park was going to triple session school day.(Too many homes being built on the Magothy River and no one thinking, "Hey, maybe we should build some schools to handle the influx of families moving into the "Land of Pleasant Living" as my father always said).
I cannot remember one of us being actively recruited to play lacrosse. If you have to blame someone, blame Jack Manley's father, Jack Sr. He was to football what Skip Evans was to lacrosse. (I live in RI and have run into his son Dave a few times) He patrolled every Green Hornets football game simply looking for age appropriate kids with solid athletic ability. Jack Manley was our goalie and went to Maryland. He had never played before. From my class alone, Jack, Jim Bell, Tony Morgan all went to Maryland. Tom Wood went to Washington College a DIII powerhouse then and doing very well these days. Dave Reeves went to another small school that I do not recall (I could figure it out if I walk over to the bookcase and look in the '74 Roundup! But I won't) I went to UMBC a DII school at the time. There were only nine male seniors in our class of eighteen. Ken Pittman, who was a stalwart defenseman went to Brainyack U. and did not play lacrosse anymore. I am forgetting someone and I apologize and the other kid was our token "toker" who had a father that made more money than God and actually paid to go to school!
Wroxeter was born out of the desire of young men not wanting to go to school at weird times of the day and a beautiful man named Jack who had an eye for athletic talent. The writing was on the wall in the late seventies, my youngest brother Dennis was guided to Severna Park by us because we knew the end was near; he went on to play for Navy. The schools demise was simply poor management and bad business decisions. The Duncan Family sold the school around 1980 and I think the last class was 1983 or 84.
There were some very talented young men that attended Wroxeter, the Burnett's, the Lamon's, Marty Cloud, Heywood Miller, Johnny Thompson, Drew Manley, Steve Markowiecz, Ricky Peret, Eric Mendelman, Buddy Remenapp, Lin Wellander, Mark & Greg Bethmann, Donny Sadler, and of course the Yeatman's Neal and Don, to name a few. It was not only a good school experience, but a great people experience with the caliber of young men I was fortunate enough to hang around with and call "friends!"
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Re: Wroxeter-on-the-Severn in Annapolis, MD

New postby reptar on Mon May 06, 2013 3:55 pm

Gunny8man wrote:Dave Reeves went to another small school that I do not recall (I could figure it out if I walk over to the bookcase and look in the '74 Roundup! But I won't)

Pretty sure Dave Reeves went to USMA after he was poached by Wroxeter from Andover HS.. See link below..

http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/arm ... ecords.pdf
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Re: Wroxeter-on-the-Severn in Annapolis, MD

New postby Runnerguy45 on Tue May 07, 2013 11:21 am

Didn't Tony Morgan and Marty Cloud play for Wroxter as well ? As well as Tony's brother Kelly ?
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Re: Wroxeter-on-the-Severn in Annapolis, MD

New postby Old School22 on Tue May 07, 2013 12:54 pm

I played high school ball in Long Island every other year we would go down South and play MD schools to get tuned up for the season. In 1977 we played the dreaded Gilman team and Wroxeter. I remember thinking about how beautiful the school was when we were there, which wasn't a normal concept for a fun loving 17 year old kid with 30 of his pals 300 miles from home. Yes we were also impressed by the ladies watching the game.

The school was a great place, I often wondered what happened to it. Thanks for the memories and update.
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Re: Wroxeter-on-the-Severn in Annapolis, MD

New postby Duncan on Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:05 pm

Having just discovered this thread and reading some of the information posted, I thought I would offer to answer any remaining questions surrounding Wroxeter and the athletic programs. I played in '72 and '73, and graduated following two years at Severn when there was no high school at W. I have many of the old rosters, records and photos as well as details that my perspective would give me. So, if there are questions, fire away.
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